Hey! My name is Aaron.

I graduated from UIUC with a degree in CS + Linguistics.

I’ve been a software / security engineer at Facebook since Sept 2020.

I’ve contributed a bunch of open-source software, command line tooling, etc that you can check out on my GitHub.

I want to subscribe!

You can subscribe to my blog using the RSS feed here. I use newsboat on the command line, and Feedly for a non-CLI option.

Website Design

I borrowed a lot of ideas from Fabien Sanglard’s website. I am pretty sure it’s the best-designed minimal static blog I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, it’s gorgeous.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out using any of the following methods:

  • aaronlichtman@gmail.com
  • alichtman@protonmail.com
  • Carrier Pigeon, sent generally in the direction of Seattle